Hiruma Hitaken 
Hiruma Hitaken 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Heir of Vengeance

Hiruma Hitaken was a bushi and Magistrate of the Crab Clan.

Station Edit

He was charged with protecting the village of Takatsu Mura. In 1166, Hitaken began investigating a series of murders that he at first attributed to Bloodspeakers. During the investigation, he followed the tracks of two woodsmen into the wilderness. The couple encountered a wandering monk, who grabed one of them and consumed him. Hitaken attacked the monster disguised as a monk, but was easily suffused and part Hitaken's essence was consumed. The other woodsman attacked as well and died, but gave Hitaken the opportunity to use his finger of jade, releasing from the monster and fled. The loss of part of his soul drove him mad, and wandered in the mountains. [1]

Maddened Edit

The existing four Keepers were sent by Rosoku to find out the truth of what was happening in Takatsu Mura. They found the madman in the wilderness. Kaiu Sugimoto and Mirumoto Masae helped Hitaken remember his experiences and Kakita Tsuken and Doji Jun'ai located a monastery that seemed to be connected to the incidents. [1]

Yozo and Musaboru no Oni Edit

When Hitaken and the Keepers arrived at the monastery, they saw what appeared to be two men, each seemingly identical to the other, fighting with each other. But as the men fought, they each began to change, one into an oni and the other into a dragon. Masae told Hitaken that in order to become whole again, he would need to defeat the oni. Hitaken charged the oni, giving the opportunity to the dragon to destroy the oni, but the dragon did not survive. As the dragon was dying, it told its story to Hitaken. [1]

Yozo's Tale Edit

The dragon told Hitaken of a shugenja named Yozo who retired to a monastery and took the name Musaboru. Musaboru seduced by whispering kansen summoned an oni and gave it his name, which was in rampage and destroyed the monastery. Yozo regretted his decision and destroyed the oni, taking his own life shortly after. When Fu Leng assaulted the Celestial Heavens, Musaboru no Oni was one of the oni with him. The Oni devoured the essences of several Fortunes and gained great power. The divine energies of those Fortunes, combined with the regret seeded deep within the demon, created something new. Yozo was reborn as the Fortune of Vengeance. The two beings shared the same soul and attempted to live in harmony, but their opposing personalities would not allow them any peace. The two could not continue to co-exist, for the presence of the other was an unbearable agony, although they both attempted to do so for many years. [1]

Retaken his sanity Edit

Being Yozo and Musaboru both destroyed, Hitaken regained his sanity and a deal of power from both Yozo and Musaboru, becoming the Heir of Vengeance. [1]

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