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Hiruma Hiroji

Hiruma Hiroji

Hiruma Hiroji was a Crab Clan bushi and Scout.

Station Edit

Hiroji was appointed at Koten as the commander of the sixth scouting detachment. [1]

Time of Demons Edit

In 1167 Hiroji and his party was sent to lurk the Shadowlands activities. When he returned told to Kisada that the northernmost regions of the Shadowlands were in upheaval. The beasts that dwelled there had been driven into a maddened rampage by forces unknown. They destroyed everything in their path save on another, and were marching south to the City of the Lost. Even the Nezumi in that region had abandoned their homes and fled. The armies of demons faced the hopelessly outnumbered Lost in battle in its journey. It was the Time of Demons. Several of his men died when they chose to stay, to help fight. [1] The report confirmed Kisada whether Daigotsu Soetsu was sincere in his offer of peace and his request of support. [2]

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