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Hiruma Furososhi

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Hiruma Furososhi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Un-named son

Hiruma Furososhi was an associate of the ronin shugenja Seikansha. He collected scrolls dated shortly from the Return of the Ki-Rin, which later were mostly lost to the time. The Creeping Earth was one of the accounts which still could be found in the Hiruma libraries. [1]

Scouting Edit

Using the maps of the scrolls, his students Hiruma Yakoshi and Hiruma Mareiko entered in the Shadowlands in two different times, concluding that after they reached the Black Finger River, the pattern of the lands began changing: hills, forests and valleys ever shifting. It was confirmed by another foray made by Hiruma Geiku. Furososhi's son also moved near the River of the Dark Moon to further research of the matter. [2]


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