Hiramichi family 
Patron family: Daidoji family 
Clan: Crane Clan 
Founded: 6th century 
Daimyo: Unknown

The Hiramichi family were vassals to the Daidoji family, formed after the end of the Foxfire War. [1]

Foxfire War Edit

In 520 began the Foxfire War, a Blood feud between the Daidoji Daimyo Daidoji Kamei and his insane brother Daidoji Hira. The war lasted two generations, and Hira's line was nearly consumed in the fight. Hira's third son, Daidoji Michihira, created a ring of smugglers who supplied food and war material to the uprising. Eventually he began to wonder if he was right to follow his father's mad path, and began to use his underground connections to ferret information regarding his brothers' troop movements to the Daidoji Daimyo. [2]

Founding Edit

After the war was concluded, the current Daimyo Daidoji Kasami pardoned Hiramichi and granted him his own vassal family, inverting his name to Hiramichi, or "Hira of the paths." The ronin smugglers swore fealty to the new family, including several Mantis who gave indispensable connections with the Mantis isles. Their ancestral home was a fortified keep, known as "Songbird's Cage", on the foothills along the coast overlooking Mura Sabishii Toshi. [1]

Founder's Legacy Edit

Michihira left behind writings comparing the economic arena to a battlefield and likewise outlining the value of economic pressure in warfare, explained as strategies of war. [1]

Duty Edit

The Hiramichi reserved their most vicious exploits, as [[taxes|tax evasion], contraband arms, denial of supplies, or bribery of soldiers and generals, for the most extreme times of need in conflict. The Hiramichi chose to apply principles of honor in a uniquely Daidoji fashion. Hiramichi who did not follow the path of honor were chastised or even exiled. The Hiramichi spread their wealth and covert operations among several safe houses in towns along the coast of Rokugan, far from their home. [1]

Hiramichi Daimyo Edit

Daidoji Michihira 6th century

See also Edit


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