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Hinjaku district

The Hinjaku district was the one of the northern outer districts of Otosan Uchi, and the least respected. Its eta inhabitants were its primary source of income. It was named by its governor before the Scorpion Coup, Mirumoto Hinjaku. [1] It was also known as Eta's Island. [2]

Divided Edit

Originally this district was part of the Rich Crescent district, but this changed when in the 2nd century a Lion governor split it in two, to separate the rich part from the eta one. [3]

Scorpion Coup Edit

In 1123 during the Scorpion Coup the Hinjaku district was not taken by the Scorpion in the first days of assault, [4] and during the fourth day it was occupied by the united forces of the Clans and Hida Kisada himself. [5] Resistance cells were destroyed on the fifth day. [6] During all the Coup legions of eta and heimin under the command of the governor Mirumoto Hinjaku harassed the Scorpion. [7]

After the Coup Edit

The Hojize district's governor, Mirumoto Hojize, died of a heart-attack in the last days of the Coup, and eventually the district was merged with the Hinjaku district, under the command of its governor and Hojize's cousin, Mirumoto Hojize. Hinjaku retained the name "Hojize" for the newly combined district, in honor of his fallen cousin. He dedicated his resources to clean up the eta villages, crematorium, and lost shrines at the northwestern edge of the Imperial City. [8]

Notable Locations Edit


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