Refuge of the Three Sisters

Refuge of the Three Sisters

The Refuge of the Three Sisters (D) was one of Rokugan's rare shrines dedicated to the Moon. Located high in the Dragon's Teeth mountains of the Dragon Clan, [1] it sat at the end of a treacherous path called the Climb of the Moon. [2] The shrine was also known as the Shrine to Lord Moon, and could only be found by those seeking it. [3]

Appearance Edit

Some accounts described the shrine as a cave, while others said it was marked only by a simple torii arch next to a cluster of ancient trees. [4]

The Three Sisters Edit

Refuge of the Three Sisters 2

The Three Sisters

Those who found the path and survived the trip, found the shrine occupied by the three Sisters of the Moon who had tended it for as long as anyone could remember. [3] Sometimes the old woman were depicted spinning thread on endlessly whirling spinning-wheels, while others depicted them as engaging in a variety of Rokugani arts. [4] Common speculation was that the sisters were ghosts, but none could say for certain. The sisters spoke in riddles, but would answer any question put to them. Legend had it that the answer would be true, but ruin befell any who asked. [2] Dragon scholars believed that the Sisters were not immortal but spirits within a mortal body. When one of their vessels died, the spirit possessed a new one. The new Sister then traveled to the Refuge and joined the other two. [5]

Hitomi Edit

Hitomi disappeared in the Refugee from mortal eyes when she walked the Dragon Road on her ascension to the Celestial Heavens to challenge Onnotangu. [6] The Shrine of the Three Sisters became the monastery home of the kikage zumi, Hitomi's remaining followers on earth. [7]

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Refuge of the Three Sisters 3

Refuge of the Three Sisters (D)


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