Hikapi Longsnout was a Tattered Ear Tribe nezumi and bodyguard to his chieftain Stikak alongside with Tak and Kap. [1] Hikapi was much more young than the other two, having gained his place after defeating a trio of wandering goblins. He wished to join a human fighting school, although the rest of the pack expected his childish fascination would die down as he matures. [2]

Crippled Bone Expansion Edit

Hikapi during a scouting mission in the Shadowlands saw the cunning Crippled Bone Tribe ambushing and killing a Bog Hag. His chieftain, Mat'tck, claimed these lands to be their own, and the dead skintaker was a message for other minions of the Shadowlands to be far from their lands. The Tattered Ear guessed a conflict among both nezumi tribes could break if they continued to hunt in the same area, so the Tattered Ear Tribe retreated north, deeper in the Shinomen. [3]

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