East Mountain Village

East Mountain Village (CB12)

East Mountain Village (CB12) was a Hida village located in the Juuin province [1] that was strongly fortified and housed numerous Crab samurai. It stood guard over the River of Gold, the border between Crab and Crane lands. [2]

An Underground Pass Edit

There were a number of natural caves in the nearby Wall above the Ocean mountains. Many led under the mountains to Nishiyama Mura on the other side. These eastern caverns were frequently infested with Shadowlands creatures and spirits. The western caverns were free from such worries. Even so, the underground pass was avoided except for emergencies. [3] The Crab used to train their younger troops in a yearly march into the caverns, the so-called Purge Festival[4]

Higashiyama PurgeEdit

Every year, groups of Hida bushi gathered to exterminate the beasts, but after a few weeks the corruption returned. Many thought that a maho-tsukai might be to blame, but investigations had found nothing. Despite the continual failure of the "Higashiyama Purge", as the excursion was called, most nearby bushi looked forward to it. Since the village was quiet, for a soldier stationed here, there was little else. Upon the squadron's return, the village held a small celebration, called the "Purge Festival". To make a local holiday out of a mysterious infestation was typical Crab style. [2]

The purge of the caves would sometimes clear out the beasts for as long as three weeks, but never longer. [3]


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