Hidden Temple

Hidden Temple (P2)

The Hidden Temple (P2) was the ancient stronghold of the secretive Kolat. Unknown to almost all of Rokugan it was hidden deep within Phoenix lands. Deep in the mountains the Ten Masters would meet here on occasion, although there was always at least one present at any time. The Temple housed a monstrous crystal called the Oni's Eye, an extremely powerful nemuranai affording the Kolat unprecedented surveillance and communication with their agents. [1]

Founding Edit

In the year 20 the original founders of the kolat traded with the tribes which would be known as the Yobanjin in return for the construction of a vast temple deep in the mountains. Originally was a place where the Kolat might meet to discuss their heretical philosophies. Further, this temple allowed the Kolat to keep ties with the other tribes who fled from the Kami's rule without drawing the Emperor's wrath. [2] The Temple was well concealed in a valley high in the peaks, to the north beyond inhospitable terrain. [3]

Appearance Edit

The Temple was built near the Jagged Valley within the Kougen province, [4] in the shape of a stone pyramid, a symbol of the organization it housed. It had no windows and was surrounded by a high brick wall. Nearby were scattered several farms, worked by peasants fanatically loyal to the Kolat. [5]

Guardians Edit

The Hidden Temple was guarded by an elite cadre of bushi who have lived all their lives in the vale where the building was located, [5] the Guardian of the Hidden Temple. [6] Master Steel Morito created the Ox Clan as a cover, taking lands from the Phoenix to be able to protect the temple. Many of the Ox Clan were members of the Kolat, but not all. [7]

Yasuki Taka Edit

When Yasuki Taka came under the control of the Lying Darkness during the War Against Shadow he was saved by the Kolat who encased him in crystal. He became Master Jade and was held beneath the Hidden Temple. [8]

Attacked Edit

The Hidden Temple was attacked by Scorpion Clan forces led by Bayushi Tsimaru and Bayushi Muhito in 1170. The attack resulted in the death of several Kolat Masters, including Master Cloud, Master Jade and Master Steel. The Oni's Eye was also taken by the Scorpion. [9]


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