Hidden Sword

Hidden Sword

The Hidden Sword was an Otokodate of virtuous ronin who fought bandit gangs.

Foundation Edit

The Hidden Sword was created early in the 11th century by a valiant ronin who sought to protect the people of a small village from the predations of bandits. Hen spent five years traveling the Empire, recruiting men who he believed shared his ideals. When the time came, they concealed themselves within the village, and the bandits were slain to a man. [1]

Areas of Influence Edit

The Hidden Sword patrolled the rural regions of southern Rokugan in the years following the War of Spirits. The group was formed by a man named Ryuta, who had seen the damage the war inflicted on the innocent, and worked to prevent such cruelty in the future. He gathered together a group of skilled warriors, including his twin sons Etsushi and Uchito, as well as a young Kaneka, and rode the regions surrunding the Shinomen Mori. [2]

Destruction Edit

Uchito and Etsushi

Uchito and Etsushi

In 1152 the massive Forest-Killers band wiped out the Hidden Sword. The Forest Killers knew the Hidden Storm were trying to find and destroy them, so they attacked the Hidden Storm when they were not expecting it. Ryuta was killed in the process. [3] The battle left only a trio of survivors. The Hidden Sword Technique had not been passed down since that time. [2]

Rebuiding Edit

Etsushi and his brother Uchito, sons of Ryuta, reformed the Hidden Storm before they re-entering Kaneka's service when he became the Shogun. [4] The Hidden Sword joined the defenders of Kyuden Ikoma in 1170. [5]

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