Hidden Guard

A Hidden Guard

Hidden Guard was a secretive elite group of Seppun Shugenja who defended the Emperor from spiritual dangers. [1] They were noted for their grim demeanor and terrible sense of humor. [2]

Duties Edit

They were responsible for the wards of protection in the Imperial Palace, to visit a home before the Emperor arrived and see that it had been cleared of evil spirits or other threats, and to see the Emperor's soul safely to Yomi when he died. Sometimes one of its members sacrificed his life after the death of the Emperor so he could oversee the journey personally. [2]

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

Kichi, the youngest son of Seppun, set out to find the wisest holy men and shugenja. The knowledge he gained became the basis of the Seppun Hidden Guard. [3]

Scorpion Coup Edit

During the Scorpion Coup, Soshi Bantaro's students wiped out many members of the Hidden Guard early on during the Coup. Those who remained were elderly retirees, recent graduates, and those unskilled or incompetent enough to earn duties outside of Otosan Uchi. [2]

Return of Fu Leng Edit

In 1128 the possessed Emperor Hantei XXXIX was under the will of Fu Leng. When the invading Kisada's forces stormed the Imperial City the Hidden Guard have already been murdered by the Hantei. [4]

Reign of Toturi III Edit

The leader of this group was called the Master of the Hidden Guard. The most recent person to hold this honored title was Seppun Toshiaki. [5]

Reign of Iweko I Edit

The Hidden Guard continued to exist and perform its duties for Iweko I during her first Winter Court. [6]

Known Members Edit

Known Technique Edit


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