The Hidden Emperor, Episode 5 was the sixth and last monthly episode of the "Rolling Thunder" campaign for the Hidden Emperor expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It displayed the Crane Civil War and the struggle for power among the Shadowlands leaders. This set also featured starter deck for the Crane Clan.

Preceded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 5
Succeeded by:
The Dark Journey Home

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Pure Stroke Action Rare
A Pure Stroke-card
- Coordinated Strike Action Rare
Coordinated Strike-card
- Ikoma Technique Action Uncommon
Ikoma Technique-card
- Kakita Technique Action Uncommon
Kakita Technique-card
- Makoto Action Rare
- Ratling Spy Action Common
Ratling Spy-card
- Storms of War Action Common
Storms of War-card
- Teach the Mountain Action Rare
Teach the Mountain-card
- The Iron Cranes Action Common
The Iron Cranes-card
- Trapping Tactics Action Common
Trapping Tactics-card
- Unrelenting Terror Action Rare
Unrelenting Terror-card
- Way of Shadow Action Uncommon
Way of Shadow-card
- Shiryo no Tetsuya Ancestor Common
Shiryo no Tetsuya-card
- Death of the Ki-Rin Event Rare
Death of the Ki-Rin-card
- Doom of the Alliance Event Uncommon
Doom of the Alliance-card
- War in the Shadowlands Event Rare
War in the Shadowlands-card
- Wisdom Gained Event Uncommon
Wisdom Gained-card
- Battle Maidens Follower Common
Battle Maidens-card
- Cultists Follower Common
- Haunted Follower Uncommon
- Kansen Follower Uncommon
- Cleansing Bell Holding Common
Cleansing Bell-card
- Prophet's Tower Holding Uncommon
Prophet's Tower-card
- Ratling Nest Holding Common
Ratling Nest-card
- Silk Farm Holding Common
Silk Farm-card
- Tutor Holding Rare
- Blackened Claws Item Common
Blackened Claws-card
- Kachiko's Fan Item Uncommon
Kachiko's Fan-card
- Otaku Steed Item Common
Otaku Steed-card
- Togashi's Daisho Item Common
Togashi's Daisho-card
- Chi Projection Kiho Common
Chi Projection-card
- Dharma Technique Kiho Uncommon
Dharma Technique-card
- Legacy of the Dark One Kiho Uncommon
Legacy of the Dark One-card
- Speak with the Voices of the Dead Kiho Common
Speak with the Voices of the Dead-card
- Hida O-Ushi Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Hida O-Ushi Exp2-card
- Daidoji Karasu Personality Rare
Daidoji Karasu-card
- Daidoji Osen Personality Common
Daidoji Osen-card
- Doji Kuwanan Experienced 2 Personality Fixed
Doji Kuwanan Exp2-card
- Kakita Ariteko Personality Common
Kakita Ariteko-card
- Hitomi Reju Personality Uncommon
Hitomi Reju-card
- Eshru Experienced Personality Rare
Eshru Exp-card
- Isawa Norikazu Experienced Personality Rare
Isawa Norikazu Exp-card
- Hoshi Wayan Personality Common
Hoshi Wayan-card
- Makashi Personality Uncommon
- Oni no Akuma Experienced Personality Uncommon
Oni no Akuma Exp-card
- Shosuro Chian Personality Common
Shosuro Chian-card
- Tohaku Personality Common
- 700 Soldier Plain Region Uncommon
700 Soldier Plain-card
- Big Stink Region Uncommon
Big Stink-card
- The Silk Road Region Common
The Silk Road-card
- Valley of the Two Generals Region Rare
Valley of the Two Generals-card
- The Iron Fortress of the Daidoji Region Fixed
The Iron Fortress of the Daidoji-card

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