The Hidden Emperor, Episode 5 was the fifth monthly episode of the "Rolling Thunder" campaign for the Hidden Emperor expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It displayed the Yoritomo's Alliance marching over the Phoenix lands. This set also featured starter deck for the Mantis Clan.

Preceded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 4
Succeeded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 6

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Battle Hardened Action Rare
Battle Hardened-card
- Hida Technique Action Uncommon
Hida Technique-card
- Imperial Edicts Action Common
Imperial Edicts-card
- One Life, One Destiny Action Rare
One Life, One Destiny-card
- Out of the Shadows Action Common
Out of the Shadows-card
- Ratling Hordes Action Common
Ratling Hordes-card
- Salt the Earth Action Common
Salt the Earth-card
- Shiba Technique Action Uncommon
Shiba Technique-card
- Take the Initiative Action Common
Take the Initiative-card
- The Way of Death Action Uncommon
The Way of Death-card
- Unrequited Love Action Common
Unrequited Love-card
- Yoritomo Technique Action Uncommon
Yoritomo Technique-card
- Shiryo no Nodotai Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Nodotai-card
- Shiryo no Osano-Wo Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Osano-Wo-card
- Doom of Toturi Event Common
Doom of Toturi-card
- March of the Alliance Event Rare
March of the Alliance-card
- The Otaku Stables Burn Event Rare
The Otaku Stables Burn-card
- When Dark Winds Howl Event Uncommon
When Dark Winds Howl-card
- Naga Pearl Guardian Follower Common
Naga Pearl Guardian-card
- Wasp Archers Follower Rare
Wasp Archers-card
- Zokujin Follower Common
- A Stone Circle Holding Common
A Stone Circle-card
- Flaming Ground Holding Uncommon
Flaming Ground-card
- Island Barricades Holding Uncommon
Island Barricades-card
- Large Farm Holding Common
Large Farm-card
- Shrine of Osano-Wo Holding Rare
Shrine of Osano-Wo-card
- Silk Works Holding Common
Silk Works-card
- Akodo Dagger Item Rare
Akodo Dagger-card
- Basher's Club Item Uncommon
Basher's Club-card
- Blade of Secrets Item Rare
Blade of Secrets-card
- Corrupted Jade Sliver Item Uncommon
Corrupted Jade Sliver-card
- Kuni Mokuna's Guide Item Rare
Kuni Mokuna's Guide-card
- Drawing Out the Darkness Kiho Uncommon
Drawing Out the Darkness-card
- Facing Your Devils Kiho Common
Facing Your Devils-card
- The Great Silence Kiho Uncommon
The Great Silence-card
- Hitomi Kobai Personality Rare
Hitomi Kobai-card
- Matsu Turi Exp Personality Uncommon
Matsu Turi Exp-card
- Iuchi Karasu Experienced 2 Personality Uncommon
Iuchi Karasu Exp2-card
- Bayushi Aramasu Personality Uncommon
Bayushi Aramasu-card
- Bayushi Yojiro Experienced Personality Uncommon
Bayushi Yojiro Exp-card
- Jama Suru Personality Common
Jama Suru-card
- Kouta Personality Common
- Matsu Hiroru Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Matsu Hiroru Exp2-card
- Sanzo Experienced Personality Rare
Sanzo Exp-card
- Takao Experienced Personality Uncommon
Takao Exp-card
- Yoritomo Experienced 2 Personality Fixed
Yoritomo Exp2-card
- Yoritomo Nodoteki Personality Common
Yoritomo Nodoteki-card
- Yoritomo Yukue Personality Rare
Yoritomo Yukue-card
- Holy Home Village Region Common
Holy Home Village-card
- Island of Silk Region Rare
Island of Silk-card
- Ratling Villages Region Common
Ratling Villages-card
- Kyuden Yoritomo Stronghold Fixed
Kyuden Yoritomo-card