The Hidden Emperor, Episode 3 was the third monthly episode of the "Rolling Thunder" campaign for the Hidden Emperor expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It displayed Hitomi's madness, and the defection of the Hoshi, who join the Brotherhood of Shinsei. This set also featured starter deck for the Brotherhood.

Preceded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 2
Succeeded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 4

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Empty Words Action Uncommon
Empty Words-card
- Face of Ninube Action Common
Face of Ninube-card
- Hold This Ground Action Common
Hold This Ground-card
- Kamoko's Charge Action Uncommon
Kamoko's Charge-card
- Let Your Spirit Guide You Action Rare
Let Your Spirit Guide You-card
- Move to the Bushes Action Rare
Move to the Bushes-card
- Mushin Action Common
- Not While I Breathe Action Common
Not While I Breathe-card
- Stand or Run Action Uncommon
Stand or Run-card
- The Efforts of the Clan Action Rare
The Efforts of the Clan-card
- Trusted Counsel Action Uncommon
Trusted Counsel-card
- Where Shinsei Stood Action Common
Where Shinsei Stood-card
- Shiryo no Kisada Ancestor Common
Shiryo no Kisada-card
- Abandoning the Fortunes Event Uncommon
Abandoning the Fortunes-card
- Ascension of the Mantis Event Rare
Ascension of the Mantis-card
- Finding the Balance Event Rare
Finding the Balance-card
- Restoring the Doji Treasury Event Uncommon
Restoring the Doji Treasury-card
- Sacrifices For Our Future Event Uncommon
Sacrifices For Our Future-card
- Enlightened Tutor Follower Uncommon
Enlightened Tutor-card
- Fortified Infantry Follower Common
Fortified Infantry-card
- Kobune Crew Follower Uncommon
Kobune Crew-card
- Monastery Holding Rare
- Retired Wasp General Holding Common
Retired Wasp General-card
- River Bridge of Kaiu Holding Common
River Bridge of Kaiu-card
- The Dark Sanctuary Holding Rare
The Dark Sanctuary-card
- Torii Shrine Follower Uncommon
Torii Shrine-card
- Takao's Jingasa Item Common
Takao's Jingasa-card
- The New Way Item Common
The New Way-card
- Tsuruchi's Arrow Item Rare
Tsuruchi's Arrow-card
- Banish All Shadows Kiho Rare
Banish All Shadows-card
- Grasp the Earth Dragon Kiho Rare
Grasp the Earth Dragon-card
- Mercy Shrouds the Earth Kiho Common
Mercy Shrouds the Earth-card
- Ryoku Kiho Uncommon
- The Touch of the Lands Kiho Common
The Touch of the Lands-card
- Tsuchi-do Kiho Common
- Kuni Utagu Personality Common
Kuni Utagu-card
- Hitomi Kazaq Personality Common
Hitomi Kazaq-card
- Hitomi Kokujin Experienced Personality Rare
Hitomi Kokujin Exp-card
- Ikoma Ryozo Experienced Personality Rare
Ikoma Ryozo Exp-card
- Moto Soro Personality Uncommon
Moto Soro-card
- Aramoro Personality Common
- Hoshi Eisai Personality Common
Hoshi Eisai-card
- Hoshi Maseru Personality Common
Hoshi Maseru-card
- Kuni Yori Experienced 2 Personality Common
Kuni Yori Exp2-card
- Seppun Kossori Personality Common
Seppun Kossori-card
- Suzume Yugoki Personality Uncommon
Suzume Yugoki-card
- The Grey Crane Personality Rare
The Grey Crane-card
- Togashi Hoshi Experienced Personality Fixed
Togashi Hoshi Exp-card
- Fields of the Morning Sun Region Common
Fields of the Morning Sun-card
- Otaku Meadows Region Common
Otaku Meadows-card
- Umi Amaterasu Region Common
Umi Amaterasu-card
Umi Amaterasu-card2
- The House of Tao Stronghold Fixed
The House of Tao-card

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