The Hidden Emperor, Episode 2 was the second monthly episode of the "Rolling Thunder" campaign for the Hidden Emperor expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It displayed the search of Toturi begins and the growing corruption of Lady Hitomi by the Lying Darkness. This set also featured starter deck for the Dragon Clan.

Preceded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 1
Succeeded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 3

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Betrayal Action Uncommon
- Deadly Message Action Uncommon
Deadly Message-card
- Double Agent Action Rare
Double Agent-card
- Doubt Action Rare
- Drawing Fire Action Common
Drawing Fire-card
- Flooded Pass Action Common
Flooded Pass-card
- Purging the House Action Rare
Purging the House-card
- Shinjo's Breath Action Uncommon
Shinjo's Breath-card
- Sting of the Wasp Action Common
Sting of the Wasp-card
- The Dragon's Heart Action Rare
The Dragon's Heart-card
- The Song of Blood Action Uncommon
The Song of Blood-card
- Veil of Shadows Action Uncommon
Veil of Shadows-card
- Shiryo no Tadaka Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Tadaka-card
- Ancestral Duty Event Rare
Ancestral Duty-card
- Imperial Ambassadorship Event Rare
Imperial Ambassadorship-card
- Kisada's Funeral Event Uncommon
Kisada's Funeral-card
- Norikazu's Ravings Event Uncommon
Norikazu's Ravings-card
- Suspicions Event Uncommon
- The Search Begins Event Uncommon
The Search Begins-card
- Chitatchikkan Follower Uncommon
- Shireikan Follower Common
- Tattered Ear Tribe Follower Common
Tattered Ear Tribe-card
- Tattooed Men Follower Rare
Tattooed Men-card
- Ki-Rin's Shrine Holding Rare
Ki-Rin's Shrine-card
- Palisades Holding Common
- Tattooing Chamber Holding Rare
Tattooing Chamber-card
- The Shinjo Stockades Holding Common
The Shinjo Stockades-card
- Meishodo Amulet Item Common
Meishodo Amulet-card
- Shinsei's Fan Item Common
Shinsei's Fan-card
- Token of Jade Item Common
Token of Jade-card
- Writ of the Magistrate Item Uncommon
Writ of the Magistrate-card
- Hitsu-do Item Common
- Rise Again! Item Uncommon
Rise Again!-card
- Root the Mountain Item Common
Root the Mountain-card
- Slap the Wave Item Rare
Slap the Wave-card
- Daidoji Tsumerai Personality Common
Daidoji Tsumerai-card
Daidoji Tsumerai-card2
- Hitomi Experienced 3 Personality Fixed
Hitomi Exp3-card
- Hitomi Akuai Personality Common
Hitomi Akuai-card
- Hitomi Tashima Personality Uncommon
Hitomi Tashima-card
- The Daini Personality Rare
The Daini-card
- Iuchi Shahai Personality Common
Iuchi Shahai-card
- Ginawa Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Ginawa Exp2-card
- Kirazo Personality Common
- Ninja Mystic Personality Rare
Ninja Mystic-card
- Shosuro Nishiko Personality Uncommon
Shosuro Nishiko-card
- Tchickchuk Personality Common
- Kitsune Diro Personality Common
Kitsune Diro-card
- Yoritomo Hogosha Personality Uncommon
Yoritomo Hogosha-card
- Mystic Ground Region Common
Mystic Ground-card
- Ryoko Owari Region Rare
Ryoko Owari-card
- The Bayushi Provinces Region Common
The Bayushi Provinces-card
- Kyuden Hitomi Stronghold Fixed
Kyuden Hitomi-card