The Hidden Emperor, Episode 1 was the first monthly episode of the "Rolling Thunder" campaign for the Hidden Emperor expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It displayed the disappearance of Emperor Toturi I, which has been kidnapped, and the banishment of the Scorpion Clan to the Burning Sands. This set featured starter deck for the Naga.

Preceded by:
Jade Edition
Succeeded by:
Hidden Emperor, Episode 2

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Time for Mortal Men Action Common
A Time for Mortal Men-card
- Aiki Tactics Action Rare
Aiki Tactics-card
- Blackened Sky Action Uncommon
Blackened Sky-card
- Broken Guard Action Rare
Broken Guard-card
- Concealed Archers Action Common
Concealed Archers-card
- Day and Night Action Rare
Day and Night-card
- Flanking Maneuver Action Common
Flanking Maneuver-card
- Journey to the Burning Sands Action Uncommon
Journey to the Burning Sands-card
- Master's Tactics Action Rare
Master's Tactics-card
- Open Fields Action Common
Open Fields-card
- Political Marriage Action Uncommon
Political Marriage-card
- Show Me Your Stance Action Uncommon
Show Me Your Stance-card
- The People's Hero Action Common
The People's Hero-card
- Shiryo no Hoturi Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Hoturi-card
- Shiryo no Tsuko Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Tsuko-card
- Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain Event Uncommon
Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain-card
- Rebuilding the Empire Event Uncommon
Rebuilding the Empire-card
- Selection of the Chancellor Event Uncommon
Selection of the Chancellor-card
- The Hidden Emperor Event Rare
The Hidden Emperor-card
- Elite Spearmen Follower Common
Elite Spearmen-card
- Imperial Legion Follower Uncommon
Imperial Legion-card
- Naga Apprentice Follower Uncommon
Naga Apprentice-card
- Scouting Team Follower Common
Scouting Team-card
- Fu Leng's Skull Item Rare
Fu Leng's Skull-card
- Grove of the Five Masters Holding Uncommon
Grove of the Five Masters-card
- The Hiruma Dojo Holding Common
The Hiruma Dojo-card
The Hiruma Dojo-card2
- The Scorpion Children Holding Common
The Scorpion Children-card
- Cricket Item Common
- Dai-kyu of Anekkusai Item Common
Dai-kyu of Anekkusai-card
- The Jade Throne Item Rare
The Jade Throne-card
- Chasing Osano-Wo Kiho Common
Chasing Osano-Wo-card
Chasing Osano-Wo-card2
- Flee the Darkness Kiho Uncommon
Flee the Darkness-card
- Mizu-do Kiho Common
- Daidoji Rekai Personality Common
Daidoji Rekai-card
- Kakita Yoshi Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Kakita Yoshi Exp2-card
- Mukami Experienced Personality Uncommon
Mukami Exp-card
- Damesh Personality Common
- Ralish Personality Common
- Shahadet Experienced 2 Personality Fixed
Shahadet Exp2-card
- Otaku Tetsuko Personality Common
Otaku Tetsuko-card
Otaku Tetsuko-card2
- Shinjo Yokatsu Experienced Personality Common
Shinjo Yokatsu Exp-card
- Hasame Personality Common
- Ikudaiu Personality Common
- Kyoso no Oni Experienced Personality Rare
Kyoso no Oni Exp-card
- Naka Kuro Experienced Personality Common
Naka Kuro Exp-card
- Otomo Banu Personality Uncommon
Otomo Banu-card
- Takuan Experienced Personality Common
Takuan Exp-card
- Haunted Lands Region Common
Haunted Lands-card
- Hiruma Castle Region Uncommon
Hiruma Castle-card
- The Mountains Below Kyuden Hitomi Region Common
The Mountains Below Kyuden Hitomi-card
The Mountains Below Kyuden Hitomi-card2
- Tidal Land Bridge Region Rare
Tidal Land Bridge-card
- Heart of the Shinomen Forest Region Fixed
Heart of the Shinomen Forest-card

Reprinted Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Accesible Terrain Action Fixed
Accesible Terrain-card6
- Arrows from the Woods Action Fixed
Arrows from the Woods-card10
- Block Supply Lines Action Fixed
Block Supply Lines-card37
- Brilliant Victory Action Fixed
Brilliant Victory-card13
- Careful Planning Action Fixed
Careful Planning-card23
- Charge Action Fixed
- Confusion at Court Action Fixed
Confusion at Court-card9
- Contentious Terrain Action Fixed
Contentious Terrain-card17
- Deadly Ground Action Fixed
Deadly Ground-card18
- Dispersive Terrain Action Fixed
Dispersive Terrain-card12
- Diversionary Tactics Action Fixed
Diversionary Tactics-card9
- Entrapping Terrain Action Fixed
Entrapping Terrain-card19
- He's Mine! Action Fixed
He's Mine!-card7
- Iaijutsu Challenge Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Challenge-card17
- Iaijutsu Duel Action Fixed
Iaijutsu Duel-card21
- Narrow Ground Action Fixed
Narrow Ground-card7
- Oath of Fealty Action Fixed
Oath of Fealty-card12
- Outflank Action Fixed
- Refugees Action Fixed
- Superior Tactics Action Fixed
Superior Tactics-card15
- Test of Might Action Fixed
Test of Might-card11
- Traversable Terrain Action Fixed
Traversable Terrain-card11
- Treacherous Terrain Action Fixed
Treacherous Terrain-card5
- Occult Murders Event Fixed
Occult Murders-card10
- Rise of the Phoenix Event Fixed
Rise of the Phoenix-card7
- Archers Follower Fixed
- Ashigaru Follower Fixed
- Light Cavalry Follower Fixed
Light Cavalry-card13
- Light Infantry Follower Fixed
Light Infantry-card28
- Medium Cavalry Follower Fixed
Medium Cavalry-card15
- Medium Infantry Follower Fixed
Medium Infantry-card31
- Naga Bushi Follower Fixed
Naga Bushi-card10
- Naga Guard Follower Fixed
Naga Guard-card4
- Ratling Conscripts Follower Fixed
Ratling Conscripts-card4
- Ratling Pack Follower Fixed
Ratling Pack-card10
- Scout Follower Fixed
- Skeletal Troops Follower Fixed
Skeletal Troops-card14
- Spearmen Follower Fixed
- Swamp Spirits Follower Fixed
Swamp Spirits-card4
- Basecamp Holding Fixed
- Black Market Holding Fixed
Black Market-card6
- Blacksmiths Holding Fixed
- Bridged Pass Holding Fixed
Bridged Pass-card7
- Bushi Dojo Holding Fixed
Bushi Dojo-card12
- Copper Mine Holding Fixed
Copper Mine-card32
- Forest Holding Fixed
- Gambling House Holding Fixed
Gambling House-card9
- Geisha House Holding Fixed
Geisha House-card21
- Gold Mine Holding Fixed
Gold Mine-card28
- Hawks and Falcons Holding Fixed
Hawks and Falcons-card16
- Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Iron Mine-card23
- Island Wharf Holding Fixed
Island Wharf-card4
- Jade Works Holding Fixed
Jade Works-card32
- Market Place Holding Fixed
Market Place-card9
- Ninja Stronghold Holding Fixed
Ninja Stronghold-card4
- Pearl Bed Holding Fixed
Pearl Bed-card7
- Pitch and Fire Holding Fixed
Pitch and Fire-card7
- Port Holding Fixed
- Prayer Shrines Holding Fixed
Prayer Shrines-card7
- Sanctified Temple Holding Fixed
Sanctified Temple-card27
- Silver Mine Holding Fixed
Silver Mine-card23
- Small Farm Holding Fixed
Small Farm-card37
- Stables Holding Fixed
- Unscalable Walls Holding Fixed
Unscalable Walls-card8
- Jade Bow Item Fixed
Jade Bow-card11
- Naginata Item Fixed
- No-Dachi Item Fixed
- Tetsubo Item Fixed
- Wakizashi Item Fixed
- Catching the Wind's Favor Kiho Fixed
Catching the Wind's Favor-card4
- Double Chi Kiho Fixed
Double Chi-card6
- Fist of the Earth Kiho Fixed
Fist of the Earth-card8
- Fury of the Earth Kiho Fixed
Fury of the Earth-card4
- Gift of the Wind Kiho Fixed
Gift of the Wind-card6
- Kaze-do Kiho Fixed
- Strength of My Ancestors Kiho Fixed
Strength of My Ancestors-card11
- The Wrath of Osano-Wo Kiho Fixed
The Wrath of Osano-Wo-card11
- Hida Tadashiro Personality Fixed
Hida Tadashiro-card4
- Yasuki Nokatsu Personality Fixed
Yasuki Nokatsu-card5
- Daidoji Sembi Personality Fixed
Daidoji Sembi-card4
- Doji Reju Personality Fixed
Doji Reju-card5
- Agasha Gennai Personality Fixed
Agasha Gennai-card4
- Mirumoto Taki Personality Fixed
Mirumoto Taki-card8
- Togashi Mitsu Personality Fixed
Togashi Mitsu-card9
- Matsu Goemon Personality Fixed
Matsu Goemon-card5
- Shinjo Sanetama Personality Fixed
Shinjo Sanetama-card4
- Shinjo Shirasu Personality Fixed
Shinjo Shirasu-card4
- Ashamana Personality Fixed
- Balash Personality Fixed
- Heichi Chokei Personality Fixed
Heichi Chokei-card9
- Hizuka Personality Fixed
- Isha Experienced Personality Fixed
Isha Exp-card4
- Mukami Personality Fixed
- Ninja Shapeshifter Personality Fixed
Ninja Shapeshifter-card8
- Ninja Spy Personality Fixed
Ninja Spy-card10
- Radakast Experienced Personality Fixed
Radakast Exp-card4
- Ryosei Personality Fixed
- Sanzo Personality Fixed
- Shalasha Personality Fixed
- Toku Personality Fixed
- Yoritomo Takuni Personality Fixed
Yoritomo Takuni-card3
- Crossroads Region Fixed
- Farmlands Region Fixed
- Plains Above Evil Region Fixed
Plains Above Evil-card6
- River Delta Region Fixed
River Delta-card4

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