Hidari city 2

Hidari district

The Hidari district, referred to by the Sentaku Tribunal as “the Emperor’s Road” district, [1] was the one of the outer districts of Otosan Uchi. It was named for its governor, Asahina Hidari. Many of the most famous shops, inns, and other buildings were seen alongside the Road of the Most High. It was one of the entrance to the city, so to this strategic district the Emperor appointed governors as a matter of pride and honor, [2] changing hands more than any other district in the city. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

In 1123 during the Scorpion Coup the Hidari district was not taken by the Scorpion in the first days of assault. [3] The district was liberated by the combined armies of the clans on the fifth day, [4] after the most ferious fightings between the clans and the Scorpion. [5] Little damage was inflicted upon the district during the fights. [6]

Notable Locations Edit

A huge jade torii arches stood above the gate of the Ekohikei and a larger gate exited the Toshisoto. The district was filled with some of the most famous shops, inns, tea houses, and other aestheticly pleasing holdings in the city. [7]


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