Hida Yasunori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Hida Chizuko

Hida Yasunori was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Love Edit

Yasunori had met Hida Chizuko, daughter of Hida Naoyoshi, during their gempukku. Chizuko was a samurai-ko to whom Yasunori could not expect to be married, and eventually she was betrothed to the acclaimed Hida Toshiro. [1]

Kidnapped Edit

In 890 Chizuko was preparing to be married when an inky cloud descended upon her. Yasunori and Toshiro saw Chizuko's body dissolved into smoke, and the bushi pursued the cloud outside into the Shadowlands. Without water or food Toshiro decided to return to the safety of the Kaiu Wall, but Yasunori endured in the chase.[2]

Rescuing Chizuko Edit

The fog arrived at a fortress, and Yasunori followed and witnessed how the smoke took form in the shape of a Ryokaku no Oni, which performed a ritual declaring Chizuko suitable to be its wife. The samurai-ko was forced into a black outer kimono by troll guards. Yasunori interrupted the proceedings by challenging the demon to a duel, which surprisingly the Oni accepted, only to be struck down by the Crab. [2]

Wedding Edit

After returning Chizuko was found free of taint, and refused to marry Toshiro, who had given up her rescue. Yasunori claimed the right to be her husband instead. [2]


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