Hida Ureiko 
Hida Ureiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Yotsu Yatoshin 
Siblings: Shoku, Utai, Sumei, Seou, Ukeru, Seiki, Goju Kyoden 
Spouse: Hida Kosuga 
Titles: Yotsu Daimyo

Yotsu Ureiko was the eldest daughter of Yotsu Yatoshin. [1] She later became Hida Ureiko after marrying Hida Kosuga.

Family Edit

Ureiko was daughter to the ronin Yotsu and had seven siblings. They lived in the Mountains of Regret until her mother was killed by an earthquake which destroyed the hut they were living. After the event they left the Mountains for a safer place. [2]

Imperial Heir's Return Edit

In 1111 Ureiko accompanied her father Yotsu and siblings when they moved to Otosan Uchi to return the rescued Imperial Heir Hantei Sotorii to his father the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII. Yotsu was given the Yatoshin name, and the children were invited to the Imperial Court as playmates and companions to the boy they had saved. [1]

District Governor Edit

In 1118, [3] after her father's death, [4] Ureiko used her political leverage to become a minor governor in the Imperial City, ruling the lesser Yatoshin district. She spent some time serving under the Falcon Clan. [1]

Alliances Edit

The popular Ureiko was clever and talented in the ways of court. She bargained an alliance with Hida Kosuga, governor of the Kosuga district. Many rumored she was seeking a marriage to the elder Crab, seventeen years older than her. Ureiko also cemented several alliances in the Imperial Court, gaining much influence. [3]

Yotsu Daimyo Edit

In 1125 Ureiko was already the Yotsu Daimyo. [5] Her sister Yotsu Seou succeeded her as district governor. [6]

Married Edit

Ureiko was very politically savvy, and made a deal with the Otomo family in 1124. The Otomo would force Kosuga to marry Ureiko, and she would become their puppet. Kosuga happily married Ureiko to get out of politics when the Otomo offered him a military command just outside the city. Since then Hida Ureiko came to govern the Yatoshin District, Kosuga District and the Tsai district, who's previous governor betrayed the Empire in the Scorpion Coup. [7]

Conflict Edit

The governor of the Higshikawa district, Otomo Mukai, formerly Shosuro Mukai, had been placed in charge of all port operations in the city, and defenses for the Golden Sun Bay. This brought him in near-constant conflict with Ureiko, as governor of the other land side of the Bay. [8]

Death Edit

The date of her death was not recorded, but in 1158 Seou was the only surviving child of Yotsu Yatoshin. [9]

See also Edit

Preceded by:
Yotsu Yatoshin
Yotsu Daimyo
1118 - (c. 1125)
Succeeded by:
Yotsu Seou


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