Hida Unkei 
Hida Unkei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1167

Hida Unkei was a Crab Clan Berserker.

Time of Demons Edit

He felt that his clan would benefit from an alliance with the Lost to combat the Shadowlands in the Time of Demons. [1]

Sea of Shadows Edit

The Crab had lost a number of supply vessels near the Osaku Route, in the Sea of Shadows. In 1167 Unkei was ordered by the Crab Clan Champion, Hida Kuon, to deal with the matter quickly, brutally, and permanently. The Mantis desperately needed supplies for their war against the Phoenix, and attempted to stockpile the Crab's storehouses in preparation for an inevitable war with the Scorpion. Unkei made no secret of his belief that the recent sightings of Mantis vessels near the trade route indicated their guilt. [2]

Boarding the Mantis Edit

Three vessels of each clan, had come together near the border of the Sea of Shadows and hunted each other across the water for days. After a storm the Unkei's Iron Turtle collided with the Mantis vessel, and both captains spoke ill to the other. Unkei accused Tsuruchi Chae of piracy, and in that moment the Mantis looked she wanted to parley. [2]

Death Edit

Unkei did not notice her and boarded the Mantis vessel to confront Chae, but he was killed by Chae in the personal combat. Unkei did not know that Chae had realized that Crab and Mantis vessels had been sunk by the Dark Wave Fleet, and rumours were spread expecting both Clans could hunt the other in vengeance. [2]

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