Hida Tsuriko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Hida Kisada 
Children: Hida Yakamo,
Hida O-Ushi,
Hida Sukune

Hida Tsuriko was the beautiful wife of Hida Kisada and mother of Hida Yakamo, Hida O-Ushi and Hida Sukune. Tsuriko became ill after prematurely giving birth to Sukune. Tsuriko died five years later from a protracted illness. [1] It was not clear if her handmaiden, Kuni Hoseki, later exposed as Goju Hoseki, [2] was involved in some way.

Poisoned Edit

Many years later, in 1127, it was known that Tsuriko had died as the victim of a ninja's poison. [3]


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