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Hida Toyotomi

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Hida Toyotomi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Hida Toshiro

Hida Toyotomi was the owner of the Nandan tea plantations. He had an acclaimed son, Hida Toshiro, a veteran of the northern campaign against the Shinjo, who was betrothed to Hida Chizuko. [1]

Broken Betrothal Edit

In 890 during the couple's wedding Chizuko was kidnapped by Ryokaku no Oni, the Demon of Marriage. She was rescued by Hida Yasunori, a bushi who had passed his gempukku alongside Chizuko. Chizuko refused to marry her betrothed Toshiro because he had given up on her rescue, afraid of the dangers in the Shadowlands. Instead she married Yasunori.[2]


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