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Hida Ton was a Crab Clan bushi. Ton grew up in a peaceful village on the edge of the Shinomen Forest. Ton was a direct descendant of Hida Tsuru, and Tsuru maintained an interest in Ton from Yomi. As such, Ton joined Tsuru's Legion and began to distinguish himself as a cavalryman on the Kaiu Wall. Ton was eager for a chance to prove himself worthy of Tsuru's legacy. [1]

Lineage Edit

Hida Tsuru's only known child was Hida Rohiteki, and Ton was too young to be her son. Rohiteki's only known child was Hida Tenshu, so it is likely that Ton was the son of Hida Tenshu. It is not known why the son of a famous Berserker would be raised in a secluded area. [citation needed]

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