Hida Togeriso 
Hida Togeriso 
Born: 1110 [1] 
Died: Unknown

Hida Togeriso was a bushi in the Crab Clan. He also served as a lorekeeper.

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Yori's Lorekeper Edit

In 1124 Togeriso passed his gempukku after having studied with the Phoenix, and he was appointed as Kuni Yori]'s personal lorekeeper. Togeriso quickly realized Hida Kisada was allowing the Kuni Daimyo to perform maho, and after Kuni Ozen contacted him, the lorekeeper secretly copyed Yori's dark knowledge and sequestering it away for later use against the shugenja. [1]

Clan War Edit

Togeriso was present when the undead general Tsukuro ambushed Yori. Mistaken for one of the dead, Togeriso made it back to Ozen, only to realize his only partner only desired to use the knowledge for power. HE killed Ozen in a violent duel that left Togeriso crippled. [1]

Chronicler Edit

After the Clan Wars Togeriso assisted the Phoenix, helping them recreate what scrolls he had read in order to help them rebuild their libraries. Togeriso served as a chronicler of the re-capture of Shiro Hiruma and also recorded the death of Hida Kisada. [1]

Fighting the Bloodspeakers Edit

In 1142, Togeriso assisted in the destruction of the Blood Temple, and there he saw the man who once was known as Kuni Ozen. Togeriso reached out to Ozen with word that he wished to meet, promising the last of Yori's research. Ozen came at his library and revealed how his resurrection had been at the hands of Yori himself. Togeriso refused the tainted power offered by the undead, fighting and killing him, but not before Ozen could set the library ablaze. [1]

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