Hida Tobashi 
Hida Tobashi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Hida Watari

Hida Tobashi was a Crab Clan bushi.

Family curse Edit

There was something wrong with his bloodline and Tobashi feared the curse of his family could reach him. His grandfather had gone mad serving on the Kaiu Wall, but it seemed the madness did not came from the taint, he had simply gone mad. His father had suffered the same fate. Then, others began to look at Tobashi and his brother with uncertainty. His brother had not returned from the Shadowlands during a disastrous scouting expedition. [1]

Imperial Legions Edit

The Crab sent him to the Imperial Legions, to keep him far, and became the commander Akodo Sarasa's personal guard, in the Eighth Legion. [1]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1170 Tobashi fought against the Army of Fire in the War of Dark Fire. At the Battle of Shiro Morito after Sarasa was killed by a wyrm rider, Tobashi was ordered by his captain Matsu Satsune to take a tower, becoming the apparent prey of the flying beast. Tobashi managed to kill the wyrm on his own. He jumped onto the beast's back from the tower, killed the rider and finally the wyrm before crashing into the ground. It seemed that his madness was what led to his surviving the encounter with the wyrm and earned him the title The Wyrm Rider. [1]

Son Edit

Tobashi had a son, Hida Watari, who would try to exceed his father's deeds. [2]

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