Please note: This article is about the bushi of Smooth Rock Village. For other uses of the term, please see Tarou (disambiguation).

Hida Tarou was a boy who had not yet passed his gempukku, trained in the dojo at Smooth Rock Village. His mate Hida Daitaro lacked the expected martial prowess on any son of Hida, and Tarou decided to give him a lesson, and challenged the weak boy. Tarou stroke him true with his tetsubo, dealing excruciating pain to Daitaro. As a result the boy exposed his deep connection with the Void element, and the exposure to such power damaged Tarou's mind. Tarou's tetsubo rested on the ground beside him, his hand still gripping it. But his face was blank, his eyes empty and unfocused, his mouth hanging slack. The Inquisitor and Ishiken Isawa Yurei appeared and took Daitaro under his wing, removing the danger he would cause if his gift was left untrained. The Isawa did not know if Tarou's mind would recover. [1]


  1. Book of Void, pp. 49-50

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