Hida Shonojo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Crab Clan Champion

Hida Shonojo was a legendary Crab Clan Champion during the reign of Hantei XXXI.

Winter Court at the wall Edit

The Emperor brought Winter Court at Kyuden Hida to silence the Clan Champion's squabbles of land and know that they were equals atop the Kaiu Wall. [1]

Yojimbo's contest Edit

Kakita Toshimichi, the Kakita Daimyo, Kitsuki Masakatada, the Kitsuki Daimyo, and Bayushi Sashiko, the Scorpion Clan Champion, believed the duty of the Crab could be accomplished by any of their retainers and yojimbo, despite the Crab Clan Champion Hida Shonojo told these samurai could not survive one night at the wall. The Daimyo ignored the Crab, so the Kitsuki guarded the western wall, the Kakita the eastern, and the Bayushi the northern one, while the Crab remained in the southern wall. [2]

Akutenshi attack Edit

During night Toshimichi, Masakatada and Sashiko went to the south wall were a Crab screm was heard. They fought an Akutenshi but their weapons dipped with jade powder did not harm the minion of Fu Leng, realizing as one that all the jade powder was outside. Shonojo timely arrived wielding a jade-encrusted tetsubo, smashing the creature and killing him with Chikara. [3]

Aftermath Edit

All the non-Crab bushi guarding the walls laid dead, slaughtered by the Shadowlands, but only one Crab, the one whose duty was scream to warn the keep just before he died under the Shadowlands attack. This day the three Daimyo understood what truly meant the ancestral "Duty of the Crab". This event was depicted in the infamous novel Meifumado. [4]

Death Edit

Shonojo had to be weakened by the Stealing the Soul maho spell to facilitate his assassination by the Shadowlands. [5]


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