Hida Shiroi

Hida Shiroi

Hida Shiroi was nephew to the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada. [1]

Shiro Kuni Edit

In 1118 [2] Shiroi accompanied a group of samurai to Shiro Kuni, and introduced them to the castle's lord Hiruma Makasu. The next day Makasu was rescued in the Shadowlands by Shiroi alongside the samurai group, from a patrol ill-commanded by Makasu himself. Once inside, Makasu claimed all of the credit for saving the patrol which led Shiroi to stay longer in the castle to survey his uncle's trusted daimyo. [1] Shiroi concerned, returned to Kyuden Hida to report to his uncle about the bizarre behaviour of the fortress Commander. [3]

Castle Assaulted Edit

The Shadowlands had sensed weakness in this side of the Kaiu Wall due to the erratic behaviour of the Crab's commander, and launched a full assault. Under siege, Makasu completely insane by his bloodlust, prepared to initiate a suicidal counterattack, which only was prevented by the intervention of the personal forces of Kisada himself. [1] Shiroi had returned with his uncle and fought to defend the castle during the Battle of Twilight's Honor, [4] which was eventually saved, but the defenders were nearly obliterated. [5]

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