Hida Sadaharu

Hida Sadaharu

Hida Sadaharu was a Crab Clan sailor who patroled the Sea of Shadows.

Stone Storm Edit

Sadaharu was the captain of the koutetsukan Stone Storm. [1]

Patroling the Osaku Route Edit

In 1165 the vessel of Yasuki Tsukioka was sunk by the Mantis Yoritomo Rui, [2] captain of the Fire Blossom. Sadaharu foiled Rui's attempts to take control of the Osaku Route for the Mantis. Sadaharu chased Rui [1] and finally in 1167 [3] the Stone Storm's spiked metal hull grounded against the wooden exterior of the Fire Blossom. He boarded the kobune and gave Rui an Emerald Champion's edict forbidding the Mantis to travel the Osaku Route. In recognition of Rui's aid Sadaharu recommended her for favored status in all Crab ports. Sadaharu also warned Rui about the "abilities" of the Tetsubo of Thunder, a powerful nemuranai retrieved by the Mantis in an island within the Osaku Route. [1]

The Deathless Edit

Hida Sadaharu 2

Hida Sadaharu

In 1169 Sadaharu was chasing pirates in the Osaku Route when he came across the Deathless, which the Lion Clan had given to the Nezumi who crewed it. It was now captained by I-m'jek, who was himself chasing the same pirates after being hired by the Mantis Clan. Sadaharu devised a plan and together he and I-m'jek defeated the pirates. Sadaharu sent the Nezumi back to the Mantis with a note affirming that the Nezumi were responsible for destroying the pirates. [4]

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