Hida Rohiteki 
Hida Rohiteki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Tsuru 
Siblings: Unnamed Twin 
Children: Hida Tenshu 
Titles: Advisor to the Crab Clan Champion

Hida Rohiteki was a Shugenja of the Crab Clan. After the Rain of Blood she was Lost and became a bloodspeaker.

Family Edit

Rohiteki was the daughter of Hida Tsuru, and therefore the niece of Hida Kisada, and the cousin of Hida Yakamo, Hida O-Ushi, Hida Sukune and Hida Amoro. [1] She had a twin that was killed on the Kaiu Wall by goblins when Rohiteki was only a child. [2] Rohiteki also had a son, Hida Tenshu. [3]

Gempukku Edit

Hida Rohiteki 1

Child Rohiteki

Rohiteki passed her gempukku when she was twelve years old. [2]

Advisor of Crab Clan Champions Edit

Hida O-Ushi Edit

Hida Rohiteki 2

Hida Rohiteki

Rohiteki served as an advisor to O-Ushi during her twenty year tenure as Crab Clan Champion. [4]

March to Volturnum Edit

After Ikoma Ujiaki and O-Ushi's armies retook Shiro Hiruma they began the march toward Volturnum to break the deep in the Shadowlands armies gathered there. [5] Rohiteki was with them and his father died defending her life at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. [6]

War of Spirits Edit

Rohiteki fought in the War of Spirits against the forces of Hantei XVI. In 1150 she was the person who informed Hida Kuon about the dead of his father Hida Yasamura. [7]

High Priestess Edit

Rohiteki was appointed as the High Priestess of the Temple of Persistence, Sun, and Thunder within Kyuden Hida. [8]

Second Yasuki War Edit

Rohiteki later fought in the Second Yasuki War. [9]

Hida Kuon Edit

After the death of Kuroda, Hida Kuon called upon Rohiteki to be one of his advisors when he became Crab Clan Champion. [10]

The Crab Counterattack Edit

After six towers of the Kaiu Wall fell to the shadowlands, the Crab eventually launched counter attacks. During the attack against the last tower still occupied by Shadowlands forces, the Fifth Tower, Rohiteki participated in a ritual that called Osano-Wo's aid, and rained jade as a result. [7]

Lost Edit

Rohiteki, alongside Hida Isamu, was responsible for killing Tsuburu no Oni in 1165. She was corrupted almost immediately afterwards when the Rain of Blood occurred, and fell sacrificing herself to protect Isamu. [11]

Joining Daigotsu Edit

In 1167 the Shadow Dragon gathered the bloodspeakers that were without a leader after the death of Iuchiban in 1166. In the City of the Lost they saw how Katsu ordered to kill themselves to all who had followed Iuchiban for years. Only remained those who fell in the Rain of Blood, who were offered to join Daigotsu. Rohiteki, who was looking for a purpose in her new condition, willingly became a servant of the Dark Lord. [12]

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