Hida Renga 
Hida Renga 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1172 
Siblings: Hida Daizu

Hida Renga was a Crab Clan bushi. His brother, Hida Daizu had said that he believed Renga to be carved from stone, but Kisada commented that he had seen stone break more easily than Renga. [1]

Death Edit

Renga died fighting the Destroyers. His brother Daizu heard his last words, regarding the nemuranai Seeds of the Void. Renga believed they had a power that just had to be unlocked, and it would aid to get the victory in the Destroyer War. The Seeds were left behind in the Fall of Kyuden Hida, so Daizu swore Renga he would recover it from the fallen castle. [2]

External Links Edit


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  2. Seeds of Destruction (Imperial Herald v3 #5), by Rusty Priske

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