Hida Reitaan 
Hida Reitaan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Ryokai,
Un-named Unicorn mother

Hida Reitaan was the Karada district's governor at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Family Edit

Reitaan never knew his mother, who died while leading Unicorn forces against a resurgence of the Shadowlands. He was raised by his idolized father Hida Ryokai and moved to the Imperial City when he was appointed as the Karada governor. [1]

Ryokai Fell in DisgraceEdit

Ryokai had been sent to clean up the corruption in the Ekohikei. Father and son used to play go for hours, and Reitaan gifted his father an exquisite board and pieces set. Ryokai became an angry man all the time, obsessed with go, having violent outburst when he was defeated. The Sentaku Tribunal recommended his removal from office, as Ryokai fell in public disgrace. He was forced to train his substitute, the governor-to-be Otomo Ujihiro, and hatred grew for one another. [2]

Father's Death Edit

In the Iris Festival the annual go tournament was run, and Ryokai confronted Ujihiro in the final. Ujihiro defeated Ryokai, blaming him for all his faults. In a shocking display the Otomo committed seppuku on the spot, his blood spilling upon the board Reitaan had given his father. Ryokai was granted seppuku, buried with his go board. His final request was accepted and Ryokai became the new governor, so that his own blood might make right his mistakes. [3]

District Governor Edit

In 1120, after several calm years, Reitaan's demeanor changed, suffering from severe depression and an inability to face hard decisions. Shortly before, a tree sprouted from the site of Ryokai's grave, growing at an abnormal rate. The tree's bark had grown old and brittle, cracking into the shape of a go board. It was rumored Reitaan was haunted by his father's spirit. [3]

Armies of Hokori Edit

Reitaan's haunting involved Ryokai's beloved go board, known as the Armies of Hokori, which had been cursed by Hokori no Oni centuries ago. It contained the spirits of previous Crab go players, eternally trapped in the pieces after they were defeated by the oni. Each successive owner had succumbed to the raving words of the fallen Crab bushi. [4]

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