Hida Reigoro

Hida Reigoro

Hida Reigoro was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Yojimbo Edit

Reigoro was appointed as yojimbo to Yasuki Jekku, a courtier in the Imperial Court. In 1199 he was enraged by the accusations of Kitsu Kanae, who blamed his clan for the appearance of an oni of the Shadowlands, Minikui no Oni, within their territory. His charge assured would be a reckoning for the slight. [1]

A Matter of Honor Edit

Reigoro was part of the army raised by his Lord to retaliate the Lion insult. They confronted a Lion army in the Plains of Thunder, where he killed Ikoma Takakura. Eventually the conflict was over when it was exposed that a corrupted shugenja descendant of the defunct Shimizu family had summoned the Oni. [1]

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