Hida O-Ushi 
Hida O-Ushi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1159, Month of the Hare [1] 
Parents: Hida Kisada,
Hida Tsuriko 
Siblings: Hida Yakamo,
Hida Sukune,
Kitsuki Yasuo (half) 
Spouse: Hida Yasamura 
Children: Hida Kuroda,
Hida Kuon 
Titles: Crab Clan Champion

Hida Yoritoko was called Hida O-Ushi, almost since she was born, and was the daughter of Hida Kisada, sister to Hida Yakamo and Hida Sukune. [2] She succeeded her brother Yakamo as the Crab Clan Champion following his ascension to become Lord Sun. She was also married to the son of the Unicorn Clan Champion Shinjo Yokatsu, Shinjo Yasamura, and had two sons with him, Hida Kuon and Hida Kuroda.

Early Years Edit

The Daughter of Kisada Edit

Hida O-Ushi 4

Bully O-Ushi

When O-Ushi was born her father, Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada, did not know what to do with her. He did not wish for her to be married away to some nobleman so he did the only thing he could think of, he raised her as he would have a son. She was very protective of her younger brother Sukune. [3]

Nicknames Edit

Her brothers nicknamed her O-Ushi, Ox, for her great strength and endless capacity for stubbornness. At her gempukku, she took the name O-Ushi officially. Her hot temper and readiness to meet any insult with a swift stroke from her Dai Tsuchi earned her a new nickname, Bully. [4]

Coming of Age Edit

Yakamo and O-Ushi

O-Ushi with Yakamo

O-Ushi came of age when she was ten years old, 4 years before her gempukku, when she blackmailed Kaiu Rioto to give her supplies so she could follow Yakamo into the Shadowlands. Yakamo showed her what happened to a human who was killed in the Shadowlands. After her gempukku her first charge was guarding the northern border of the Crab. Some would have seen this as an insult, but O-Ushi took it in her stride. [5]

Personality Edit

Hida O-Ushi likes Goblins

Hida O-Ushi likes Goblins

O-Ushi was pretty, small but stocky and could not be easily knocked off her feet. She shared Kisada and Yakamo's quick temper, but unlike Yakamo she would not let it get the better of her. She would goad and taunt, bringing others to anger before they could prepare for her. She relied on fear and uncertainty to gain an advantage over her enemies. She refused to take a vow of celibacy as other samurai-ko did. [6]

O-Ushi in Battle Edit

O-Ushi's Hammer

O-Ushi's Hammer

In combat she would wait for her opponent to strike first, then overwhelm him with a devastating force, assaulting him from as many directions as she could. She was widely recognized as a leader of soldiers. O-Ushi would wear her daisho but preferred her beloved hammer, which no one ever saw her without. [7] She exceled at concealing troop movements, disguising her numbers and diverting attention away from the brunt of her attack. O-Ushi taunted and goaded her opponents, questioning their honor and insulting their skills in hopes of angering or frightening them before they could adequately prepare for her. [8]

Scorpion Coup Edit

O-Ushi was left manning the Kaiu Kabe in 1123 when Kisada led the Crab Clan army against the capital Otosan Uchi following the Scorpion Coup. In a letter to his daughter, Kisada revealed that it was Bayushi Shoju's act of asking for aid that made him decide to side against the Scorpion. [9]

Clan War Edit

Hida O-Ushi 1

Hida O-Ushi

The Clan War broke days after O-Ushi held a meeting with Doji Hoturi, the Crane Clan Champion. She had requested him to surrender to the Crab. [10]

Kisada's Ambition Edit

In 1125 the armies of the Crab were moving to the North, alongside with his Shadowlands allies. The Lion army led by Matsu Tsuko moved to confront them. The Lion camp was struck by an assassin, who killed a guard and a commander, and the Lion Clan Champion decided to take care herself. She managed to find the murderer in the vicinity of the camp, and killed two of her Hida companions. The girl, who was barely twelve and had a Crab mon tattooed in the arm, escaped from her grasp. [11] The young assassin was most probably Hida O-Ushi.

Kisada's Failure Edit

In 1128 O-Ushi held the Crab forces together after Hida Kisada's failed assault on the Imperial Palace. [12] A contingent led by Hida Amoro and Kuni Yori went over to the Shadowlands Emperor. [13]

Kaiu Wall Overrun Edit

In the Month of the Rat the castle's defenders were wiped out by an enormous Shadowlands Horde, which broke through into Rokugan, pursued by O-Ushi. The Horde headed directly for Otosan Uchi, where Fu Leng was possessing Hantei XXXIX's body. [14]

Second Day of Thunder Edit

She later commanded their assault on Otosan Uchi on the Second Day of Thunder.[15]

Hidden Emperor Edit

Hida O-Ushi 7

Hida O-Ushi

Disdain for Toshimoko Edit

After the Emerald Champion, Kakita Toshimoko, was supposed death, O-Ushi was not sad at all. [16]

A Good Little Wife Edit

When her brother Yakamo became the Champion of the Crab, he commanded his sister to choose a husband. In 1129, in the month of the Tiger [17], O-Ushi was married in a rather hasty ceremony to Shinjo Yasamura in Kyuden Hida. To win the hand of the tomboy, a tetsubo-only contest was arranged by Yakamo. O-Ushi entered to win her own hand but, during the fight, Daidoji Uji and O-Ushi knocked each other out and Yasamura was declared the winner. The two were married before O-Ushi regained consciousness. [18]

Family Edit

Yasamura took the Hida name, becoming Hida Yasamura, and the couple had twin sons, Hida Kuroda and Hida Kuon. [19]

Hiruma Castle Edit

Hida Yakamo had seized Hiruma Castle in 1130 and many months without news from him had passed. [20]

Lion March Edit

O-Ushi had decided to act in Yakamo stead as the Champion of the Crab after fourty three days without news had passed, and being approaching Lion forces toward Crab lands. [21] All the messengers between them were killed of replaced by minions of the Shadows, provoking a misscomunication in both Clans. [22] In 1132 when Hida Tsuru forces tried to parley with the Lion army they were engaged in combat and cut down. [23] O-Ushi was reported a Crab city had been destroyed by the Lion and gathered her forces to defend the Crab lands. She was not aware the message was a forgery made by the minions of the Lying Darkness and no Crab city had been harmed. [24]

Sneaking into Hiruma Castle Edit

When O-Ushi had news she realized his brother was trapped and besieged by the Shadowlands horde. [25] In 1132 O-Ushi followed a white ratling of the Third Whisker Tribe through a hidden route to Kyuden Hiruma followed by her Hida Guard and husband. [26] in an attempt to get to the sieged forces, but the Castle was ruined and owned by the Shadowlands. [27]

Crab Clan Champion Edit

Hida O-Ushi 3

O-Ushi, Crab Clan Champion

With the forces of the Lion Clan pressing deeper in the Crab lands, [28] and with no news about her brother's fate, O-Ushi became Crab Clan Champion. [29] [30] A Third Whisker Scout delivered news of the attack on Hiruma Castle and the disappearance of Hida Yakamo. O-Ushi knew she could not fight a war on two fronts against the Lion and Shadowlands Horde, so she decided that the Crab lands coul not stand unprotected, and left Hiruma Castle to its fate. [31]

Shinomen Forest set to Fire Edit

When the naga returned in 1132 from the Siege of Sleeping Mountain to help again the Crab, they were attacked by enraged Crab forces. The Naga retreated to the Shinomen Forest and the Hida commander ordered the forest set to fire. [31] [32]

Aiding the Crab Edit

Ikoma Tsanuri, champion of the Lion stood outside Kyuden Hida with sword drawn, as the Unicorn carried messages between the two great generals. [33] Hida O-Ushi and Tsanuri met face to face [31] and the Tsanuri's march was eventually shown to be aid the Crab for their fight against the Shadowlands. [34] Tsanuri aided the Crab in the second assault of the recently fallen Kyuden Hiruma, and the corpse of Hida Yakamo was recovered. Later he joined the forces marching to the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. [35]

Duty at the Wall Edit

O-Ushi was on duty at the risky Carpenter Wall. An eta called Benin saved her life from an oni. She spared his life despite calls for his death after he had picked up a katana to save her. [36]

War against the Shadow Edit

Motso meets O-Ushi

Motso meets O-Ushi

Empire army is gathered Edit

Being secured the Hiruma Castle with Lion aid, the march toward the ancient troll city of Volturnum began in 1133. In the city had been gathered the shadowlands armies, [37] after being advised of the location by the Empress and Oracle of the Void Toturi Kaede. The crab opened their stores of jade for all the Rokugani armies that marched deep in the shadowlands. [38] O-Ushi commanded the Crab forces in the march to Volturnum. [39]

March to Volturnum Edit

When they reached the Shadowlands border they met the Naga army led by the reborn Yakamo, the Qatol. The Crab tensed for battle against the Naga army and requested them to leave. The Balash fired with his bow, and O-Ushi saw near her death. The arrow passed through O-Ushi's arm and into the chest of a Crab behind her, who was a Goju Shapeshifter. The Balash had saved O-Ushi's life, and both armies marched against their true enemy, the Shadows. [40]

Battle of Oblivion's Gate Edit

During the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, O-Ushi was injured by an Oni attack. Her life was saved by her husband, Hida Yasamura. [41]

War of Spirits Edit

When in 1138 the War of Spirits broke O-Ushi supported Hantei XVI. Hida Tsuneo, the Hantei's general, was one of the most honored military figures in their history many among the Crab had leapt at the chance to support him. Further, the Hantei had given her little freedom. His armies had occupied the Crab's most fertile farmlands. If O-Ushi had not given her clan's help willingly, the soldiers on the Wall would starve. Her loyalty toward Emperor Toturi was great, but her loyalty toward the Empire was greater. Though Yasamura never spoke against her, she knew her husband's true opinion, opposing to the spirit's support. [42]

Celestial Sword Edit

Yuruginai, the Celestial Sword of the Crab, was given by the Fortune of Stell, Xing Guo, to Hida O-Ushi, who was honored to receive it, yet still preferred to use her trademark dai tsuchi. [43]

Fighting the Steel Chrysanthemum Edit

When the Hantei marched against Ryoko Owari in 1150, the second largest city of Rokugan, Bayushi Paneki reported the Scorpion armies could not standd against Tsuneo's troops. To take the City of Lies would not only provide a strategic hub for the Hantei's armies, but would also greatly demoralize those who still stood against him. To support Toturi could mean the destruction of the Crab, but O-Ushi pondered they would die as Crab. She commanded her husband to lead the Crab cavalry into battle against the spirit legions, aiding the Scorpion. [42] Yasamura was killed in combat when he was fighting against his own kinsmen near Ryoko Owari, receiving a fatal shot to the throat in the Battle of Drowned Honor. The Crab and Scorpion won the day. [44]

Four Winds Edit

O-Ushi with her sons

O-Ushi with her sons

Twenty Goblin Winter Edit

The Crab numbers were low after Volturnum and War of Spirits. O-Ushi proclaimed a Twenty Goblin Winter to increase her ranks with any ronin who like journeying in the Shadowlands and kill twenty goblins. [45]

Second Yasuki War Edit

The Yasuki War between the Daidoji and the Crab had begun five days before the funeral of Toturi when Crane forces took over Yasuki Hanko. [46]

Death Edit

O-Ushi's Death

Death of O-Ushi

O-Ushi came to the grim realization that she would soon no longer be able to fight for her clan. As the Crane Clan began to usurp the Yasuki territories, she realized there was one final way she could serve the Crab. [4] When the Crab retaliated the attack [47] they confronted a Crane army, gaining the upperhand. The Crane Clan Champion Doji Kurohito arrived with an army that greatly outnumbered the Crab's. To give her troops time to retreat, O-Ushi challenged Kurohito to a duel. [1] She was killed by Kurohito with a perfect cut, [48] and Hida Kuroda succeeded her. [49] Though she knew she had no chance against a brilliant warrior in the height of his prime, O-Ushi knew her death would serve as an example to the Crab Clan, inspiring them to stand firm against the Crane. [4]

Shrine Edit

In 1165 the Crab and the Crane were at peace. Kurohito promised Kuon to build a shrine to honor O-Ushi. [50]

See Also Edit

Hida O-Ushi 5

Young Hida O-Ushi

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Preceded by:
Hida Yakamo
Crab Clan Champion
1132 - 1159
Succeeded by:
Hida Kuroda


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