Hida Nichie 
Hida Nichie 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Kumitae Champion

Hida Nichie was a Crab Clan Berserker.

Kisada Edit

Hida Nichie 3

Hida Nichie suffusing a Ninja

In 1168 Nichie was one of the Kisada's bodyguards, fouling the scorpion ninja attempts made on the Great Bear life. [1]

Kumitae Edit

This year Nichie participated in a martial arts tournament, the Kumitae Tournament, which prize was a recently discovered martial arts manual written by Shinsei himself, the Kumitae. She fought the unicorn Moto Kang in the first round and won. In the second round she fought the ronin Masami. Nichie realized that Masami was a tainted Daigotsu's follower during their match. Nichie killed Masami during their bout but was then exposed to Masami's tainted blood, possibly becoming tainted as well.

Yoritomo Suketsune, who was to be Nichie's opponent in the final round, conceded the match, saying he did so because he did not wish to defeat an exhausted warrior who had possibly sacrificed her very soul to prevent the Shadowlands from winning the tournament prize. However, Suketsune really forfeited because he, Yoritomo Buntaro and Hachino had bet that Nichie, an underdog, would win the tournament. [2]

The Dammned Edit

Since her victory at the Kumitae, Nichie moved to live in a house in the training ground near the Barracks of the Damned. There she drilled the Damned in the jiujutsu methods she had learned, while having regular meetings with Kuni Witch Hunters who checked her for the taint. All instructors of the Damned had those meetings, so it was unclear if she was really tainted or not. [3]

Sohei Edit

Hida Nichie 2

Monk Berserker Nichie

It had recently been made known that Nichie was not, in fact, tainted. She has been admitted to the Brotherhood of Shinsei as a sohei following her victory at the second Kumitae tournament. [4] [5]

Tanujitsu Edit

Shortly after her victory at the second Kumitae tournament Nichie was approached by a man who had developed a martial art he called Tanujitsu, after the vicious fighting style of the tanuki, which utilized a large ball-and-chain weapon. Her student's name was not yet known, and it was not known if he was originally a Crab or swore fealty after Nichie took him on as her student. [6]

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