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Hida Namika 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Crab Clan Champion

Hida Namika was a Crab Clan Champion who in the Imperial Court challenged Asako Bokkai to a duel, an Asako Inquisitor who had perverted his position. [1]

Fool Inquisitor Edit

Bokkai was jealous of the upstart shugenja Shiba Tsuna, founder of the Shiba Tejina school. He claimed at Imperial winter court the Tejina, magic used to make entertainment, was maho. He accused Tsuna of deluding the kami into performing for his own glorification, using their power for personal gain, and shackled Tsuna's troup beginning a trial which would end in sure death sentence. [2]

Duel at winter court Edit

Namika stormed into the court with unrestrained rage, and openly challenged Bokkai to a duel. [3]

Your duty is to destroy tsukai, not puppeteers. When you pervert your position, it becomes my duty to destroy you.
- Hida Namika [3]

Bokkai laughed at the Crab's challenge and nervously tried to talk his way out of the situation. Namika drew her sword and hacked down the Inquisitor on the spot. A more forgiving and rational Inquisitor dropped the spurious charges, releasing the artisans. [3]

Preceded by:
Crab Clan Champion
(c. 976)
Succeeded by:


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