Please note: This article is about the Crab Clan Champion. For other uses of the term, please see Nakiro (disambiguation).

Hida Nakiro was the Crab Clan Champion during the mid-11th century. He was confronted by a weeping member of the Scorpion Clan in the Imperial Court, and had no such time for frivolity so he simply responded, "Oh, how sincere." Nakiro turned and left, leaving the Scorpion with a brutal, cunning and public bruise. Since then it became common practice for Crab Clan samurai to utter the same phrase whenever confronted with someone they felt were less than up front with them, implying they were acting rather than putting forth genuine emotion. [1]


  1. Way of the Crab, p. 27

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Crab Clan Champion
(c. 11th century)
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