Hida Misogi

Hida Misogi

Hida Misogi was a general of the Crab Clan. [1]

Appearance Edit

Misogi was a large man, broad across the shoulders and substantial of girth. He had a wide face and features comprised mostly of hard angles. [1]

Station Edit

Misogi was the headman of Utokii Village, near the Scorpion border. [2]

Hida Dasan's treachery Edit

Misogi met the Kitsuki Magistrate Kitsuki Kaagi and his servant the eta Meilekki near his village. Misogi asked Kaagi to find the traitor Hida Dasan, who had killed his companions. More than that, the destruction of his key force had led into a large defeat of the Crab on a disputed border lands with the Scorpion. [3] After a long ritual it was proved that Dasan's corpse bore no taint, and also Dasan's wife, Hida Kohi, was released from Maho-tsukai accusation. [4]

Haunted house Edit

Despite it a later incident with a fallen and disoriented Kaagi babbling about a faceless Kohi, decided him to raze Dasan's house to the ground. [5] The house had been haunted by the Lying Darkness, who had influenced those who were inside through nightmares. [6]

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