Hida Matsuro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Clear Water Village Governor

Hida Matsuro was the governor of Clear Water Village in the 12th century.

Station Edit

Matsuro was appointed as governor after serving in battle. He had widowed when his wife was killed by a Shadowlands creature. When Matsuro was 44 years old man, he was bored beyond belief of his duties. Matsuro relieved his boredom by shark fishing in the bay. His tetsubo, Biter, was crafted by Hida Bansaro, embedded with the teeth of the sharks Matsuro had caught and also jade teeth. [1]

Absences Edit

Matsuro presumed to hone his skills of falconry, but Matsuro instead used these trips to chase Shadowlands creatures which had been seen on this side of the Kaiu Wall. [1] When Matsuro would be away from the village on offical business, the day-to-day administration would fall to his karo Hida Utaka. [2]

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