Hida Masiko's Kaiken 
Hida Masiko's Kaiken
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Hida Masiko
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Hida Masiko's Kaiken was the kaiken of Hida's wife, Hida Masiko.

Apparance and Abilities Edit

The kaiken was a small silver-and-ivory-handled Kaiu Blade, which had Kyuden Masiko's pattern carved on the handle. It removed Taint from an infected person, physically cutting out the rotten areas to prevent further spread. [1]

Hida Masiko Edit

The blade had been a wedding present, and Hida had demanded that she throw it away, because he never would imagine Masiko could be in chance to use it as a weapon. But Masiko loved the care the man had taken, and kept it with her. She finally was forced to use it to commit jigai when the Shadowlands assaulted the palace, her son with the Seven Thunders, and her husband fighting 50 miles away. [2]


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