Hida Manoru

Hida Manoru

Hida Manoru was a bushi and scout of the Crab Clan. He served in the Jade Legion. [1]

Wall of Bones Edit

In 1171 Manoru and Hida Fumetsu were in a scouting mission, and they saw the Wall of Bones in the distance. It was destroyed when hundreds of creatures were driven out of the depths of the Shadowlands, by something dangerous enough to scare oni. The demons were dying under the hooves of their larger creatures, these oni were simply running away. They returned to the Wall to send word of it. The Kaiu Wall began to suffer daily attacks from the fleeing demons. [2]

Hunting the Ebon Daughter Edit

The Kuni Daimyo Kuni Kiyoshi entrusted Kuni Iyedo to lead the Crab's efforts to find the Ebon Daughter during the Destroyer War. In 1172 Kiyoshi, Iyedo and Manoru were in a meeting when they were interrupted by Moshi Minami, the representative to the courts for the Jade Champion Kuni Daigo. She told the Phoenix could aid them in their quest, through the Ritual of Forgetting, which would cut her connection to the kami, and if it was modified, her connection to the foul power drawn from Kali-Ma. Kiyoshi departed to ask the Phoenix to share the secretive ritual. [3]

Last Stand Edit

When in 1173 the forces of Kali-Ma attacked Taiki Mura the Scorpion withdrew, followed by the Crane led by Kakita Sadaka. Manoru could not allow more ground to be lost, and remained. He did not believe it would be his last battle. [4]

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