Hida Kurusu was a bushi of the Crab Clan. In fact he was a minion of the Shadows impersonating a Crab bushi to expand his master's influence.

Dasan's Student Edit

His sensei was Hida Dasan, a seasoned veteran of the Shadowlands watch. After a tour in the Shadowlands their unit was appointed close the Utokii Village in the Crab-Scorpion border. There Dasan became mad, and possesed with an unnatural speed and endurance he killed nearly all the unit before he was cut down. Kurusu was one of the four only survivors, and without any wound. [1]

Investigation Edit

Kurusu was questioned by Kitsuki Kaagi after Dasan became mad and killed many Crabs before he was cut down. Kurusu guessed Dasan's wife was a Maho-tsukai which had maddened her husband. [2]

Disappearance Edit

Kohi was released from his accusations after a Kuni Witch Hunter test. Afte Kaagi bubbled about a faceless people inside Dasan's house, it was razed to the ground by the local Crab Lord Hida Misogi. Kurusu was not found after it, and Kaagi guessed he was deep involved in Hida Dasan's story. [3]

Minion of the Darkness Edit

Kurusu was not a man, but a minion of the Shadows wearing a Crab's shape. [4]

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