Hida Kuoshi

Hida Kuoshi

Hida Kuoshi was a member of the Crab Clan most noted for his emnity with Daidoji Enai. [1] [2]

Crab Ambassador Edit

Kuoshi Petitions Kuroda

Kuoshi petitioning Kuroda for more funds

Bishamon Seido Edit

Kuoshi visited Bishamon Seido as ambassador to the Lion, where he saw the Ceaseless Vigil Watch. [3]

Mantis Mercenaries Edit

Kuoshi was in charge of a group of Mantis mercenaries, but was forced to approach Hida Kuroda for more funds to pay them. [4]

Hostilities with Enai Edit

The hostility between Kuoshi and Enai seemed to have come from their first meeting at a mountain pass where neither man wanted to yield to the other. [5] [6]

Fouling Enai's Brother Edit

Kuoshi was a guest in the Kakita lands when he met Enai's younger brother, Daidoji Ekiken, who was attending a courtier course. Ekiken was eager to best Kuoshi, but the Crane lost control of his temper and was utterly humiliated in front of the entire delegation, and forced to surrender his career in the court and joined the secretive Harriers. [7]

Seeking Enai's Murderers Edit

Enai was murdered by creatures of the Kumo race, that mistakenly believed he was his younger brother, Ekiken. The Harrier had found a biwa linked to the Great Sea Spider's power, and he had been fouled to release the Kumo during the Fall of Otosan Uchi. The spiders had attempted to kill Ekiken to ensure the Great Sea Spider's imprisonment. [7] Kuoshi to become frustrated that he was not the one to take his foe's life. He teamed up with Enai's brother, Daidoji Ekiken to find the murderers. [8]


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