Hida Kosuga 
Hida Kosuga 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Yotsu Ureiko

Hida Kosuga was the Kosuga district's governor of Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Kosuga was a tremendous Crab who had served more than thirteen years at the Kaiu Wall. [1]

District Governor Edit

He rarely obeyed his superiors' commands, but he never failed in even the most suicidal tasks, including the rescue of several visiting dignataries who had been assumed lost to the Shadowlands. These prominent patrons earned him the District governement, despite Kosuga hated the Imperial City and its politicians. He ruled the district with iron fist. [1]

Married Edit

Ureiko was very politically savvy, and made a deal with the Otomo family, who forced Kosuga to marry Ureiko, and she would become their puppet. Kosuga happily married Ureiko to get out of politics when the Otomo offered him a military command just outside the city, in the Plain of Fast Troubles. Since then Hida Ureiko came to govern the Yatoshin District, Kosuga District and the Tsai district, who's previous governor betrayed the Empire in the Scorpion Coup. [2]

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