Hida Kohi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Hida Dasan

Hida Kohi was the wife of Hida Dasan.

Dasan's madness Edit

Kohi lived at Utokii Village with her husband. [1] When Dasan killed several of his companions for unknown reasons Kohi was questioned by the Kitsuki Magistrate Kitsuki Kaagi. [2]

Slandered Edit

One of his husband's students, Hida Kurusu, affirmed Kohi had maddened Dasan, and accused her of being a Maho-tsukai. [3] She was tested by Kuni Inoba who proved she bore no taint or evil inside. [4] This day a later incident involving Kaagi led Kohi's Lord, Hida Misogi, to raze Dazan's house to the ground. [5] At that moment Kohi was already dead, with her two maidservants, slaughtered by the Shadows. [6]

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