Hida Kakeguchi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Hida Jakuchu 
Titles: Kakeguchi family Founder

Hida Kakeguchi of House Kakeguchi was a friend of Hiruma when the Crab Clan was founded. When Hiruma, Kaiu and Kuni left on the quest given to them by Hida he Kageguchi stayed behind to protect the clan. When Hiruma and the other two returned and founded the other three Crab families, Kakeguchi and his brothers continued in their vigil. [1]

Later, Kakeguchi was keeping watch when his brother, Jakuchu, came to him. He told Kakeguchi that he was angry with Hida because Hiruma and the others were rewarded for leaving the clan behind while Kakeguchi stayed to his post and was rewarded with nothing. Kakeguchi chastised his brother, saying, "We all must play our parts, Jakuchu. I do not do what I do with thought of reward. Hiruma's title is not a plaything; the family Hida has granted him will be as much a burden as a reward. That is his destiny. It is our destiny to guard Hida, and if you do not understand that you are not my brother." [2]

Jakuchu was shamed and promised to stand by his brother loyally for the rest of his days. Hida overheard this and joined them. He promised that Kakeguchi's name was to always be remembered for the wisdom of both brothers, and their descendants would take his name alongside the Hida name. Jakuchu eagerly asked to be the first to swear fealty to his brother's name, and so began the Kakeguchi family. [2]


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Preceded by:
Kakeguchi Daimyo
1st century
Succeeded by:

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