Hida Kaiji 
Hida Kaiji 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Hida Zaiburo

Hida Kaiji was a berserker of the Crab Clan who became a mutant.

Family Edit

Kaiji had a brother, Hida Zaiburo. [1]

Colonies Edit

Nonhuman Edit

Hida Kaiji 2

Hida Kaiji

Kaiji mutated within the ruins he had found in the Colonies. He survived but was not human anymore. [2] In 1198 the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu ordered to remove everything of value from the regions in the Colonies claimed by the Crab, as these resources were needed urgently in Rokugan. Kaiu Okaru considered the task impossible, until Hida Osote gave him a new worker, Kaiji, was was ready to begin with the work. [3]

Dark Naga Edit

Kaiji fighting a Dark Naga

Kaiji fighting a Dark Naga

Kaiji fought the Dark Naga menace in the Colonies. [4]

Mutation Edit

Kaiji's body was reshaped by his mutation, becoming more and more a monster. In 1199 Kaiji confronted Utaku Lishan. The Battle Maiden managed to avoid the massive, earth-shattering blows issued by the much larger assailant. At the end, Kaiji acquiesced and left, granting the victory to Lishan. [5]

P'an Ku's Madness Edit

Sung-Ki defeats Kaiji

Sung-Ki defeats Kaiji

During the incidents that happened during P'an Ku's madness in 1199 Kaiji was defeated and presumed killed by the Battle Maiden Utaku Sung-Ki. The mutant returned to life after Sung-Ki's departure. [6] After the mad dragon was banished, representatives of the Dragon Clan condemnned Renyu's behaviour publicly. The Kuni Daimyo requested the Kaiji retribution against them. [7]

External Links Edit

Hida Kaiji 3

Hida Kaiji


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