Hida Kabe 
Hida Kabe 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Gobura

Hida Kabe was a bushi of the Crab Clan.

Ancestors Edit

Kabe was the son of Hida Gobura, and could trace his ancestry back to Hida Yugira who faught bravely at the Battle of the Thundering Shrine. It was rumored that Yugira had been Osano-Wo himself, and because of this great things were expected from Kabe. [1]

Shadowlands Edit

Kabe was most content while in the Shadowlands and sought assignments in these barrened fields. During one of his patrols he saw a ratling within the carcass of a fallen beast, and prepared to kill the nezumi, because Kabe supposed the creature was already tainted. He never dealt the killing blow, being interrupted by an Oni appearance. His first reaction was to flee toward the safety of the Kaiu Wall, but realized that the nezumi was frozen in terror, becoming easy prey. Kabe decided to save the creature's life and confronted the demon, to be surprised by a lightining originated from within Kabe himself that struck down the oni. [1] This event could be considered as proof of Kabe's heritage from Osano-Wo.

Nezumi Ally Edit

Kabe returned to the wall with the nezumi, Scitch'ik, who became his trusted advisor. [1]


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