Hida Jinnei was a Sumai Wrestler of the Crab Clan.

Training Edit

A large boy prone to gain weight as well as muscle, Jinnei was sent to be trained in the Grip of Earth Dojo. His gifts impressed his sensei, who sent him to the famed Stone Tower Dojo at Toshi Ranbo. Jinnei trained to become the best Sumai wrestler, and he also enjoyed the company of geisha and the flirtations with ladies of the court. [1]

Naishou Province Edit

With the clans escalating their involvement in Naishou Province, Jinnei was sent there to showcase the Crab Clan's strength and talent. Unfortunately the Governor Miya Nishio had little interest in hosting sumai events, denying Jinnei an opportunity for him to demonstrate his greatness. [2]

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