Hida Iseki 
Hida Iseki 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Hida Hio

Hida Iseki was a Crab Clan bushi who felt, like Hida Kuon, that any peace with the Shadowlands, for whatever reason, was abhorrent. [1]

Family Edit

Iseki was the daughter of Hida Hio. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

Iseki fought in the Destroyer War. In 1172 she was near to be killed by overwhelming odds, but the timely arrival of Rokugani forces led by the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shigetoshi and the Rikugunshokan Hida Benjiro saved her. [2]

Hida Elite Guard Edit

After the fight Iseki was promotioned to Hida Elite Guard, and it was a matter of celebration for her friend Hida Haruo. Iseki was assigned to protect Kaiu Kyoka, Benjiro's personal Siege Master and tactical advisor. [2]

Rakshasa General Edit

Kyoka enhanced several siege engines, and Iseki was charged to protect a ballista. She fought against ironclad and elephant-men Destroyers, until the machine was destroyed by a tiger-like shapeshifter. Benjiro appeared and called it Rakshasa, the Rakshasa General. They engaged in personal combat, which ended when Benjiro wounded with an ivory dagger the demon. Benjiro's wounds were severe and Kyoka ordered to take him from the battlefield. Iseki joined with the other Elite Guard pulling at their lord, leaving the battle. [2]

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